Nazif Habibeh

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Mathematics
Buin Zahra
Colleague Title Publisher Volume Pages Date
SOLVING JOB SHOP SCHEDULING PROBLEM USING AN ANT COLONY ALGORITHM Journal of asian scientific research 5 261-268 2015
A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach for Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-up and Time Windows in Health Care Applied Mathematics in Engineering, Management and Technologh 2 289-297 2014
Lai Soon Lee Optimised crossover genetic algorithm for capacitated vehicle routing problem APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING 36 2110-2117 2012
Lai Soon Lee Optimized Crossover Genetic Algorithm to Minimize the Maximum Lateness of Single Machine Family Scheduling Problems Journal of Asian Scientific Research 2 240-253 2012
A Genetic Algorithm for Solving Scheduling Problem the journal of mathematics and computer science 5 91-96 2012
Lai Soon Lee Solving Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Maximum Lateness Using a Genetic Algorithm Journal of Mathematics Research 2 57-62 2010
Lai Soon Lee Optimized Crossover Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows American Journal of Applied Sciences 7 95-101 2010
Lai Soon Lee A Genetic Algorithm on Single Machine Scheduling Problem to Minimise Total Weighted Completion Time EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 35 444-452 2009