Hasan Abasi

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Human Sciences
Department of Theology
Hasan Abad
Colleague Title Publisher Volume Pages Date
كاكايي مستانه the meaning of being in Avicenna EPISTEMOLOGIA - 2015
كاكايي مستانه Comparative Study on the Meaning of Being from Avicenna and Thomas Aquinas Perspectives 4 83-103 2015
Semantic attributes of God in thought Allameh Helli and Thomas Aquinas 24 91-107 2014
Studing the Possibility of Mulla Hadi Sabzevari's Thought of Being New Sadrai 2 85-98 2014
Semantic attributes of God in thought of Allameh Helli Living the Legacy 1 371-385 2012
Theory of legal norms in order to offset the impact of devaluation Islamic Studies and Law 28 273-298 2008