Sohrab Abdollahi

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Chemistry
Colleague Title Publisher Pages City Country Date
كريم پور عباس ، غلامي محمد acid rain verses soil buffer capacity in fars county - 2012
كريم پور عباس ، غلامي محمد-384685 soil buffer capacity and acid rain in fars county 10nth national conference of chemistry of Payame Noor University - 2012
دودمان پروانه-386379 ، كريم پور عباس The lost rings and problems of education in stablishing sustainable development 2nd national siminar, regarding solid sustainable development and rational based 94-94 2011
مستغني فاطمه-391761 Synthesis of heterfoginous catalysis base from fireclay of Abadeh 7nth national conference of chemistry of Payame Noor Unviersity - 2009
مستغني فاطمه-391761 synthesis of 1,2\3,5-tris2-naphthyl) benzene via self condensation reaction of 2- aceto naphthalene as a precousor for making nano-cage molecules The 5th Chemistry Conference of Payam Noor University 155-155 2008
تقي زاده مهدي ، مستغني فاطمه-391761 ، معصومي فاطمه ، خلج علي Ecaluation of the landform effects of quaternary on the distribution of chemical Elements in soil-water of safashahr region The 6th chemistry conference of pyam noor University 153-153 2008
مستغني فاطمه-391761 ، محمودي نصرت ا... ، بايگان عباس synthsis and application of inclusion compounds in nanotechnology of environment 1st conference of nanotechnology in environment 33-33 2007
conversion of waste chlorohydrocarbons into useful material and healthy disposal of them. The third chemistry siminar of payame noor University - 2005
Determination of terbium-transferrin binding constant 2nd specialized conference of chemistry of Payame Noor University - 2003
عامري سيمين دخت Endangered mind, weakness of students in solving stoichiometric problems 5th Conference of Iran chemical Education 524-528 2002
عامري سيمين دخت Endangered minds, weaknees of students in solving stoichiomistry problems 5th conference of chemical education of Iran - 2002
Teaching quantum chemistry to the children Payame Noor university first conference of chemistry - 2001
Teaching quantum chemistry to kids Thirteenth Iranian Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Congress - 1999
Education, evaluation and teaching methode 3rd conference of chemical education of Iran - 1999
آر هريس Studies of the binding of TbIII) to serum transferrin 29th midwest regional meeting of American Chemical Society - 1994
آر هريس ، پي جيمز Circularly polarized luminescence and Uv-Difference spectroscopy of TbIII) transferrin 28th midwest regional meeting, american chemical society - 1993
آر وسلي ، پي جيمز Circularly Polarized Luminescence of TbIII) complexes of the Transferrins. 206th ACS National Meeting - 1993
پي ريچارد Preconcentration and determination of Pb at an AlPO4 containing carbon paste electrode. 38th Southeast Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society - 1986