Hosein Aeeinfar

Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biology
Colleague Title Publisher Pages City Country Date
عباس نيا وحيده سادات-391470 evaluation of toxic effects of some medicinal plante used in traditional medicine the first international conference on healthy agriculture nutrition and community 86-98 2015
حسن آبادي فهيمه Identification and introdaction of trees and shrubs species in green spaces of the Birjand city the 17 national and 5 international iranian Biology conference - 2012
Identification of toxic ornamental and house plants in the Birjand city and their poisoning symptoms The 11th Iranian Congress of Toxicology - 2011
ثقفي(بيرجند) مهدي-390591 ، شاهسوند هراتي احسان-386815 study of antioxidant, anti cancer and anti flammatory properties of Punica Granatum L. and its pharmaceutical compounds 227-232 2011
Primary identification of Erysiphaceae family in Birjand the 16 national and 4 international conference of biology - 2010