Zohrab Adavi

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Agricultural engineering
Fereydun Shahr
Colleague Title Publisher Volume Pages Date
AMRAIE ESMAIEL ، KHOSRAVI FARSANI MASOME ، SADEGHI LEILA ، NAIM KHAN3 TAYABA ، واحداموزشي 1تهران مسئول امور مالي The effects of aqueous extract of alfalfa on blood glucose and lipids in alloxan-induced diabetic rats Interventional Medicine and Applied Science 7 124-128 2015
phytoremedation of oil contaminated soils by bermudagrass varieties 13-19 2010
تدين محمودرضا Influence of Arbuscular mycorrhiza on some physiological growth parameters of potato under field conditions INDIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 3 379-385 2014
تدين محمود رضا Effect of mycorrhiza application on plant growth and yield in potato production under field conditions Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology 4 1087-1093 2014
رزمجو خورشيد Assessment of Bermudagrass Cultivars for Phytoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYTOREMEDIATION 1 14-23 2011