Zohrab Adavi

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Agricultural engineering
Fereydun Shahr
Colleague Title Publisher Volume Pages Date
رزمجو خورشيد Assessment of Bermudagrass Cultivars for Phytoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYTOREMEDIATION 1 14-23 2011
تدين محمودرضا Influence of Arbuscular mycorrhiza on some physiological growth parameters of potato under field conditions INDIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 3 379-385 2014
تدين محمود رضا Effect of mycorrhiza application on plant growth and yield in potato production under field conditions Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology 4 1087-1093 2014
AMRAIE ESMAIEL ، KHOSRAVI FARSANI MASOME ، SADEGHI LEILA ، NAIM KHAN3 TAYABA ، واحداموزشي 1تهران مسئول امور مالي The effects of aqueous extract of alfalfa on blood glucose and lipids in alloxan-induced diabetic rats Interventional Medicine and Applied Science 7 124-128 2015
phytoremedation of oil contaminated soils by bermudagrass varieties 13-19 2010