Marjan Adib

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Mathematics
Colleague Title Publisher Volume Pages Date
Quasi-multipliers on weak Arens regular Banach pure mathematical sciences 2 39-47 2012
Toward an intelligent approach for H2S content and vapor pressure of JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 28 365-371 2016
رياضي عبدالحميد ، علي خان لياكات quasi multipliers on f- algebras ABSTRACT AND APPLIED ANALYSIS 2011 1-8 2011
??-Multipliers on Banach Algebras and Topological Modules ABSTRACT AND APPLIED ANALYSIS 2015 1-6 2015
investigation the effect of nanocomposite material on permeation flux of polyrthersulfone memrane using a mathematical approach Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 1-12 2015
evolving aprediction model based on machine learning approach for hydrogen sulfide removal from sour condensate of south pars natural gas processing plant JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 1-12 2015