Mahmood Dadkhah

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences
Department of Mathematics
Shahin Dez
Colleague Title Publisher Volume Pages Date
Mohammad Hadi Farahi Solving Nonlinear Time Delay Control Systems by Fourier series International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) 4 217-226 2014
Mohammad Hadi Farahi, Aghileh Heidari Optimal control of a class of non-linear time-delay systems via hybrid functions IMA JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL CONTROL AND INFORMATION - 2015
Mohammad Hadi Farahi Optimal Control of Time Delay Systems via Hybrid of Block-Pulse Functions and Orthonormal Taylor Series International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics 2 137-152 2015
Solving Linear Time Varying Systems by Orthonormal Bernstein Polynomials Science Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics 3 194-198 2015/29 Jul
Mohammad Hadi Farahi, Aghileh Heidari Numerical solution of time delay optimal control problems by hybrid of block-pulse functions and Bernstein polynomials IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information - November 16, 2016