Abazar Abbasi

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering
Department of Agricultural Sciences
Bileh Savar
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جعفري دانيال ، سيدشريفي رئوف nitrogen rates effects and seed inoculation with rizobium legominosarum and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria PGPR) on yield and dry matter of chickepea technical journal of engineering and applied sciences 23 3275-3280 2013
جعفري دانيال ، سيدشريفي رئوف study of yield and some physiological indices of chickpea(cicer arietinum L.) in response of seed inoculation with rhizobium legominosarum and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria different nitrogen retes technical journal of engineering and applied sciences 3 - 2013
رضايي دانش يونس Study on occurrence and diversity of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with grapevine rhizosphere in West Azerbaijan Province in Iran ABDOMINAL IMAGING 6 1238-1242 2012
مردانه طالش ميكاييل عزت ، پوريان مهدي ، جمشيدي سليمان ، زبيهي محمودآباد رقيه effect of sowing date on fusarium heat blight severity in some promising lines of wheat in moghan iran AFRICAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY RESEARCH 6 5763-5768 2012
ذبيهي محمود آباد رقيه ، جماعتي شهزاد Study of Nitrogen Fertilizer Effect on Agronomic Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Yield and Nitrate Accumulation in Potato Tubers Cultivars in Ardabil Region (Iran) AAPS PHARMSCITECH 5 566-572 2011
اوچي اردبيلي مهران ، جماعتي ثمرين شهزاد ، هدايت شهامت ، حسن زاده محمد ، ذبيحي محمودآباد رقيه effect of nitrogen fertilizer and plant density on NPK uptake by potato tuber WORLD APPLIED SCIENCES JOURNAL 8 382-386 2010
توبه احمد ، شيري منوچهر ، جماعتي شهزاد ، حسن زاده محمد ، حكم عليپور سعيد response of griwth and yield of potato Grop cultivars to titrogen leves ASIAN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2 35-42 2009
Potato solanum tuberosom L) Response to Drip Irrigation Regimse and Pland Arrangements Growth Periods ASIAN JOURNAL OF PLANT SCIENCES 8 390-399 2009
شيري منوچهر ، توبه احمد ، جماعتي ثمرين شهزاد Effects of water stress on water demand, growth and tuber grade of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)crop RESEARCH JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 3 476-485 2009
شيري منوچهر ، توبه احمد ، جماعتي شهزاد ، حكم علي پور سعيد-399104 Vegetative growth of potato caltivars, under the effects of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer RESEARCH JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 4 807-814 2009